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Articles & FAQs

Arrests and Interrogations FAQ Bail FAQ

What it means to post bail, how to pay for it, and what to do if you can't.

Criminal Law and Procedure: FAQ Domestic Violence: Civil Liability FAQ

Information to help you take legal action against your abuser.

Domestic Violence: Taking Action FAQ

Suggestions to help you stop domestic violence.

How Sentencing Works FAQ Identity Theft FAQ If You Are Questioned by the Police: FAQ

If a police officer wants to stop and question you, whether or not you must comply depends on the circumstances and the reasons the officer has for questioning you. This section explores some of the common questions people have about their rights and responsibilities when approached by a law enforcement officer.

Landlord Liability for Criminal Acts and Activities FAQ Searches and Seizures FAQ

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The First Step Act of 2018 and Petitions for Compassionate Release in New York and Miami An Anatomy of a Criminal Trial

Most criminal trials follow a uniform set of procedures.

Bail: Getting Out of Jail After an Arrest

What you need to know about bail -- what it is, how it's set, and how to pay it.

Can The Police Lie To Me?

150 Things You Need To Know About Police, Prosecutors And Criminal Law.

Common Defenses to Criminal Charges

Here are a handful of defenses a defendant can use to get off the hook.

Derivative Liability: When People Who Help Other People Commit a Crime Can Be Charged

Anyone who intentionally participates in a crime or helps a criminal before or after the crime may be held responsible for it.

Federal Pretrial Detention in Miami and Fort Lauderdale How a Defendant's Mental State Affects His or Her Responsibility for a Crime

What a defendant intended to do can affect whether a crime has occurred.

How People Get Charged With Crimes

Learn how police officers and prosecutors initiate criminal cases.

Key Aspects of Modern Criminal Procedure: Defendant's Rights

The Bill of Rights promises fair treatment for criminal defendants.

Knowing When An Arrest Is Legal

Learn when the police are permitted to make an arrest -- and how to tell if an arrest has actually taken place.

Lie Detector Tests: Truth and Consequences

Learn how polygraph tests work, as well as what supporters and detractors have to say about them.

Police Questioning After Arrest

What really happens if the police fail to read a suspect his rights.

Police Questioning Prior to Arrest

If you haven't been arrested, but a police officer wants to question you about a crime, what should you do? Here are some tips.

Scientific Evidence in Criminal Cases

Learn about different types of scientific evidence and how such evidence may be used in court.

Search Warrants: What They Are and When They're Necessary

Learn when police officers must obtain a warrant before they search your home or other property.

Statutes of Limitations

Florida’s statutes have limitations on the time within which a prosecutor must file and pursue a criminal prosecution

Understanding Search and Seizure Law

Learn when the government can invade your privacy to hunt for evidence of a crime.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Knowing the definition of domestic violence can help you take action against it.

What Makes a Case a Criminal Case?

There are two fundamentally different types of court cases -- criminal and civil. Here's how to tell the difference.

When a Young Person Commits a Crime

When minors are eligible for juvenile court, and what to expect in juvenile court.

Where Our Criminal Procedures Come From

How federal and state constitutions, legislatures and courts protect the rights of criminal defendants.

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

A recent Supreme Court decision encourages you to stand your ground if you're stopped by police.

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In the News
Former State Sen. Says More Federal Force is Needed to Fight Human Trafficking

Florida ranks third in the nation for human trafficking which is getting the attention of former lawmakers.

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Client Reviews
My experience with Mr. Behr and his staff was nothing short of phenomenal. I hope to not ever need representation again. But In the case I do. J would absolutely use Mr. Behr. I would also fully recommend him to anyone I know in need of representation. Jeff
When I travel throughout the world for business I can honestly say that I feel extremely comfortable knowing I can pick up the phone for guidance and know Mr. Behr will consistently have my back with a positive answer on the other end. I attribute my success with my business by having this honorable man on my team. Thomas
Mr. Behr has helped me in various cases. And each time has been more than successful than I expected! I would recommend him 100% to anyone with legal problems. Eve
He filed motion after motion until the judge finally dismissed my case. He even took it to another judge. The guy never stopped and let nothing stop him. He was all over the prosecutor and knew more law than the judge, it was super cool to watch the man work. He is the best lawyer in the county. Jose