What is trafficking?

Possession with the intent to sell or deliver any illegal drug (usually more than a personal use amount) or controlled substance is trafficking.


It commonly is understood to mean you have enough of the ‘stuff’ to be “in the business”, and a transfer to someone. But, depending on what it is, and where you live, you can be a trafficker by giving away one pill.


Trafficking begins at 5 grams for federal law. Some States: 28 grams.


If you knowingly sell, buy, deliver (giving away a pill is a delivery) a controlled substance (anything illegal, anything that requires a prescription from a doctor), you can be convicted of trafficking.


Ever ‘borrow’ a sleeping pill? Pain medication? Give it to someone? Re-read the definition of trafficking: you are a trafficker. Scary stuff, huh?


(go to the appendix in this book for more information).